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translation services dubai We aim to deliver the perfect translation services dubai that cater to all the specific needs of the client to break the language barrier.

We are quality conscious translation company dubai . It means we provide error free services to our worldwide clients.

We are quality conscious translation company in dubai . It means we provide error free services to our worldwide clients.

Reach To Your Audience Worldwide Only With Translation Khana


Translation Khana, we offer brilliant interpreter services Dubai . All translation procedure is supervised by experienced project managers who work intimately with every client to build up an approach that meets each deadline, budget, and management expectation. Our dedicated groups are fit for dealing with particular industry measures while translating a wide range of documents. The skill check for translators In Dubai  while choosing them for each task will help us in creating the best quality and notarized translation services dubai which makes us best from other similar companies.



What We Offer To Clients

Driving License translation services dubai

Being a wholesaler of translation services, we also cater to the specific need of driving license agency service. We aim to be the best legal translation In Dubai  agency Dubai province; hence our quality standards also have very high benchmarks for notarized translation services dubai . As driving license translation services dubai needs to meet some critical technical criteria our expertise & experience will help clients for this purpose.Learn More »

Dubbing Services

We provide end-to-end dubbing solutions from some of the most skilled professionals in the market. Our experts will provide the highest quality linguists for doing a translation of scripts & deliver results keeping nuance of the source material. Clients getting associated with us should be assured to receive the best result of content with optimum quality level.Learn More »

Content Writing translation services dubai

We have expertise in crafting engaging & appealing content to cater to your needs. Our experts understand that a well-written content will help you manifest your work/business in a superior manner; hence we ensure to provide a high level of content without compromise on genuineness. Each project will be delivered with utmost customization to cater to exact requirement.Learn More »

Designing And Printing Services

If you have a great business idea, share it with us. We will design a perfect outlook for it by branding a logo & many other graphics for related purposes. The design is the first impression, which adds identity to any matter, thought or communication. Our great team of creative graphic designers will provide the most appealing designing services. Clients can also opt for our cost-effective printing services to give life to the design.Learn More »

Proofreading and Editing Services

We have a militia of qualified professionals taking care of perfect editing & proofreading assignments. Their expertise will help you craft a final content with the best finish in terms of formatting, grammar & context relevance. Each document being processed through our team will be an improvised version with style, clarity & best sentence structure. Operating culture of our organization having best work ethics will make sure safety, security & confidentiality of your content. Our clients can vouch for us to be the best proofreading services, provider.Learn More »

Subtitling services

We provide the highest level of accuracy in professional subtitling services. The content created by us will be engaging & having close connections with the base language. We deal in almost 100 languages which makes us superior among most the contemporary service providers. For Video transcription services the video subtitles will be created using state-of-art equipment & techniques for a presentable appearance.Learn More »

Transcription Services

We provide world-class transcription services with 100% accuracy & data security guarantee. Our translation services dubai are completely Human Transcriptions, which is essential as human transcriptions will understand the sense & meanings in greater depth. We ensure faster turnaround for delivery of projects with highly competitive pricing. We enjoy the optimum level of client sanction for quality & accuracy.Learn More »

Translation Services

Our dedicated professional & qualified team of skilled translators will ease the stress of inter-province communication. Each word submitted in the project will be accurately translated with the exact intended meaning. We assure the best turnaround time for every assignment with best quality assurance. Owing to our stringent quality control measures every document translated will be processed with utmost accuracy & confidentiality. In Dubai language translation means Translation Khana.Learn More »

Arabic Translation Services

Our native language experts are committed to providing Arabic language translation with quick turnaround & reasonable pricing. The projects delivered by us will be crafted with the highest level of accuracy. English to Arabic English translation is now a very easily achievable task using our services. As our certified Arabic translation services will manage every kind of content.Learn More »

Business Translation Services

Our business translation services can break barriers of borders like no other medium. A person sitting in New York can easily achieve an awesome business deal with a businessperson in China using our translation services. Our services can help organizations managing overseas projects to have a seamless operating business system by breaking cultural differences of communication. Our aim is t be the best legal translation company in Dubai.Learn More »

Voice over services

We would ensure to provide best in industry voice actor for any project. Our professionals have the capability to take up projects from various niche including advertising, presentations, movie trailers, product videos, video games & many more. We are the most reliable & dedicated team to provide voiceover translation services in a huge range of languages & dialect. We are the best among voice over companies Dubai province.Learn More »


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Translation Khana helps to deliver your message and ideas to the target audience, to understand and be understood by the others. Contact us at translationkhana@gmail.com .

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