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Our commitment towards deliverance of excellence is our identity. We offer an array of Language & Voice solutions for augmented business presence & visibility. Our presence is prominently established in Dubai with a huge size clientele being serviced by us. Our pledge towards providing holistic language solutions drives us to give our best to every project undertaken. We have the capability to provide language translation services in 100 languages from various corners of the globe. We have an austere policy of not using programming aided language tools; to mitigate the risk of diluted the authenticity of the content.

About Us

Welcome to the World Of Translation Khana

your one stop for all the translation services Dubai with guaranteed best results.

Our history

We are truly outstanding, the most prominent language translation agency Dubai, delivering a complete range of customized language solutions to enable you to move your business to the next level.


Translation Khana is an Award-Winning Language Translation Company with a system of connections over the whole globe. We will give all the help you require when you need to connect with clients and potential clients anywhere in the entire world in the language they get it. We enable you to win new business!


We mainly work as a wholesaler of the translation services and represent considerable authority in acquiring the most noteworthy worldwide competence in the language translation services at greatest cost and service effectiveness to customers all over the world. Not at all like other translational services, our services are not restricted to a particular nation/district nor are constrained to choose a couple of interpreters or a couple of dialects. Our customers are spread broadly crosswise over corporate, independent companies, social sector organization, individuals, government bodies and end-client translation agency, Australia, Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe and the Middle East.

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Who Are We

We are a group of committed proficient language specialists, interpreters, DTP specialists, project directors and programming engineers. Our point is to convey the specific best translation service for your records, documents, activities, and plans on time, inevitably. Our motive is to be the best legal translation company in Dubai.

We deliberately pick our team members, including professionally qualified language specialists, interpreters, voice-over artist, translators for conference and meetings, quality affirmation supervisors, programming engineers, graphic designer and web software engineers for our legal translation services. Each one of our colleagues has a broad foundation in their expert field.

What We Do To Make Our Clients Satisfied

We give translation services to more than 100 languages including Chinese Translation Services- Chinese Translator in Dubai and take the necessary steps with devoted translators. Our interpreters are competent to manage all the specific themes, with their best information about the subject. We incline toward not to utilize any mechanical procedure since machines cannot code technical terms, which are used as a part of the languages. The specialists are prepared to serve you with an ideal polished methodology being the best marketing copywriter. We are accessible 24*7 and can be reached anytime at abc@xyz.com

Our Promises

On-Time and quality Delivery

On-Time delivery of taken tasks and quick answer for any sort of customer through the mail in less than 20 min.

100+ Languages

We give translation services in more than 100+ known languages

24*7 Customer Support

Our supervisors provide 24*7 customer care support (Skype – Email – Phone) to reply of our profitable customers

Group of gifted interpreters

Get contact with all around experienced interpreters and editors

Reasonable Prices

We offer our services to our clients at a competitive rate globally

Full Client Satisfaction

We use sworn translator with most recent CAT tools for our essential customer’s fulfillment

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We give translation services in more than 100+ known languages


Translation Khana has a team of qualified professionals who came together to deliver world-class language & content services. We aimed to create a set-up where each project handled by us meet with the exact expectation of client & supersede the delight aspect attached. We had an idea of providing customized solutions for businesses, which would help them to take the business to a different level.

The team came together to provide holistic language solutions globally. Each service domain was carefully chosen & the respective teams were formed with utmost consideration. Each member was exceptionally skilled, qualified & adequately experienced. Hence, we were assured to be the best in the market.

Every service provided to client runs through a stringent quality check. We are able to deliver with the best in class quality because we have formed efficient processes & operating procedures in the background.

Our collective commitment to provide best quality services & solutions has led us to be on top preference list of our esteemed clients. We have gained this prominent spot in the minds of our clients on account of our continuous endeavor to strive for perfection. Legal translation services provided by us are of benchmark quality in the market. As legal document translation services is a very critical task.

The accomplishment of this successful position in the market was indeed a challenging yet enriching journey for us. Our team has shown outstanding dedication in partnering with us to deliver world-class content.


When we analyze our journey, what made us reach this level was our team who backed us always to fulfill our commitment with clients. This best in the market team was very carefully chosen to ensure a world-class quality standard of expected output. Most of our professionals have relevant qualification & related experience as well to back their skills.

While forming various service domains we were quite clear in our thought that each of the services will have the highest level of human involvement. Hence, we cautiously decided not to use any of the programming aided tools to process each project processed by us. This decision helped us to gain the client’s confidence as every word processed by us had a unique genuineness attached. Despite our stringent norm for human involvement, we could succeed in achieving best in class turnaround time owing to the continuous support of our team for quality & commitment. We have been known to be the best editing & proofreading services provider in Dubai.

From the very beginning, we aimed to achieve excellence by banking upon our high ethical standards & the expertise of each of our team member. During these many years, we have never compromised on these two parameters, which have been like two strong pillars of our foundation.  This was possible because each client getting first time associated with us showed great confidence in our dedication & stayed with us for the longer span to boost our morale.


Our mission is always to provide world class services to our valued customers. It gives preference to strict adherence to schedules, accuracy of data output, data integrity and confidentiality, and customer-based approach.

Regardless of the service category, we always strive to maintain consistent quality standards, which have no margin for settlement. Our mission statement also encouraged us to set up specific operating procedures to run the tasks at the end. Which is the backbone of our strong delivery system. Every member that binds us has the same kind of belief system as our system. This fact makes us an enthusiastic team of close minded individuals who work hard with smart processes to achieve excellence in our work.

We have set very high standards for ourselves to help us achieve our main goal of being the best translation company in Dubai. This does not seem impossible to us, as our team showed a great passion for the same thing. Moreover, the speed of transformation and low cost have become a strong point of appeal to our valued customers. We offer the best translation in Dubai.
It has been the evolving leadership of our biggest customer service agent for being the best in the market. Our determination to be a service provider without programs helped us to be sensitive or aware of the needs of our customers. Because we use discretion to handle language, we are more able to provide customization automatically.


As a central customer organization, we have made an effort to provide customized service packages to our customers. These services are also allocated to meet normal business needs and expansion needs and budget. We ensure that high quality outputs are provided without overloading the customer’s budget.

Keeping the customer important in our business mission, we ensure that we create a customer support mechanism 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also understand that the client may need any reason before, during and after delivery of the project. So the best we can do is be full-time.

We understand and understand that the world always needs to speak, but the language barrier does not help them. We have made it very easy to find a Chinese translator in Dubai. Deepening our roots in the industry, we have expanded our services in up to 100 international languages. Also, by creating an effective layout where language experts offer the best output in their field.

Using translation services, by integrating business translation services, we want to demonstrate our firm commitment to helping businesses that want to expand their horizons. We also want to help institutions break language barriers and make foreign local staff more intrusive in their inner circle.

Our creative team is always keen to provide the most solid and innovative solutions to our customers. Our team was always careful to do something more solid and add to make the customer happy. Our constant interest is to provide the best value for money spent by our respected clients.


We have always considered ourselves as language solutions providers focused on providing quality output. Our dream is to achieve an inclusive atmosphere where entities & individuals can converse by breaking the language barriers. Various companies have gained from our professional document translation services.

We believe in nurturing a safe environment where language is inspected & used as a science laboratory & has been brought in to use like no one has ever imagined. We aim to bring better than the best quality in our output that each of our clients will feel satisfied & happy with us. The most amazing aspect of chasing our vision is that the entire team associated with us is sharing a similar passion which brings us in a very comfortable position to accomplish what we desire.

We aim to bring the Middle East in close proximity to the world to make the trade & business smoother. Arab translation experts also have a very high level of proficiency in many other languages hence this dream is quite achievable indeed.

We ensure very strict quality standards for us hence our entire operation is based on superior work ethics & stringent processes. These processes are enabling us to stay ahead in the game as we have the utmost human involvement in conducting any language related task.

By avoiding computer-aided tools to process projects undertaken by us we achieve almost 100% success rate in client approval almost in one go. As by using human intellect to understand & decode the sense of any language we achieve greater depth in our content quality.

Professional ethics have a significant role in our professional culture. These ethics always keep us motivated to honor timelines for each undertaken project & fulfill client expectation.

We have won awards for being an exceptional service provider in many domains. These symbols of appreciations have always encouraged us to achieve more.

Translation Khana has been an award-winning world-class translation agency, as well as an internationally renowned leader in multilingual communication solutions. Our skill, integrity and innovative spirit generate superior results by enabling our clients to communicate internationally, using language their audiences comprehend. Furthermore, we go to great lengths to offer our employees with the sort of collaborative as well as stimulating a working environment that promotes growth, embrace change, and celebrate an accomplishment.

By helping our customers to communicate with their audience globally by using a language they understand, we play a significant role in the marketplace, and we pride ourselves at being the best at what we do.

We define our purpose & aim something like this:

Constantly creating an atmosphere in which employees respect each other, and continue to work through collaboration and sharing, hence creating harmony in the workplace.

Constantly creating the opportunity for having fun at work and to give a balanced quality of life, in which employees are motivated to help and support each other.

We strive to make a demarcation in the world. Success in our corporate and individual goals generates prosperity, which we can share with our stakeholders, our people, and our clients; all while supporting organizations that lend a hand to others.

Our goals


We are adequately equipped to take up a wide variety of language-related tasks. Our entire team has a collective commitment to deliver nothing but the best. Our robust quality assurance standards will ensure zero deviation in technical & creative benchmarks. Understanding the fact that machines & programs will always have flawed output, each project dealt by us will have 100% human involvement.

The most significant differentiating factor, which places us in a more reputed spot is our 24*7 support & complete accountability after delivery of the project as well. Our best marketing copywriters use a very polished methodology to deliver each project.

Our Promise

  • On-Time Delivery

Each project undertaken carries equal significance for us. Customers’ needs to rest assured on timeline adherence when they are dealing with us.

  • Quality Assurance

Every category of service will be delivered post strict quality check. Our team makes no compromise in ensuring the content quality & authenticity.

  • 24*7 Client Support

Our customers will get complete support on all days of the week. Modes of communication available are the phone, Skype & Email. Clients will get a complete solution for their query.

  • Best Qualified Professionals

Each member of our team has appropriate qualification & experience to take up relevant assignments.

  • Widest Range of Languages Covered

We have almost 100 languages covered under our offers umbrella. The client will find a language solution for almost every prominently used language.

  • Most Competent Pricing Composition

Our commitment to delivering best in class service also comes with the best value proposition. Hence, all our services are offered with the most reasonable pricing.

  • Client-Centric Approach

The most significant aspect, which differentiates us from others is our value system which puts the client above everything else.

Our Venerated Team

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We have a steadfast team of professionals working on various domains related to script & voice based language services. Our team comprises of the best language specialists in the market. We have been adequately careful while forming this team of perfectionists. Each one of them has exceptional command in their respective domains with a vast experience to complement their skills. To name a few, these are the experts committed to delivering nothing but the best:

  • Interpreters
  • DTP Specialists
  • Project Directors
  • Programming Engineers
  • Voice-over Artists
  • Translators
  • Graphic Designers
  • Web Software Engineers
  • Quality Affirmation Supervisor