Arabic Translation in Dubai

Arabic Translation in Dubai

Arabic Translation in Dubai         

Among all other languages, Arabic Translation in Dubai  ranked sixth in most spoken language. In recent years Arabic has become an imperative language. One of the leading oil-rich countries in the Middle East is increasing the flexibility of its medium of communication.

Arabic translation in Dubai will help to remove the barriers of communication and makes it easy to translate speech, documents and also fulfills other requirements related to language and culture. The uniqueness of this language is that it is traditionally written from right to left and is also read in the same format. Therefore, there is a need that while translating, this uniqueness should be given special consideration. And to avoid errors and mistakes, appropriate words should be used.

Need for a translation?

The inter-dependence of countries is the primary factor behind improved relationship among nations. The advantage that they get is of experiencing a different culture, language, and religion. Considering Dubai the capital of UAE is known for its beauty, elegance and luxurious living. Right from the fashion trends to the medical services this country is populous in every perspective.

For a few foreigners, language is the biggest issue especially when the stay is extended. Therefore it is not always possible to translate each and everything on Google translator. The reason being few documents needs a legal approval whereas, few are sensitive and formal translation services are required. This translation includes translations like Arabic to English, English to Arabic, French to Arabic, German to Arabic, Spanish to Arabic and many more.

Type of translations mainly required in Dubai

Legal translation

Legal translation in Dubai is licensed under number 361 by the ministry of justice in UAE. There are a few documents which need a certified translation, Including legal papers, reports, official transcription, protocols, research data, patents, and others. It has to be submitted to the immigrants or the government (like birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates, university degree certificate, high school passing documents, etc.). Hence these legal documents need a legal translation, which should be verified and are used only for an official purpose.

Commerce translation

Commercial transactions are used primarily for advertising or marketing the product. The time span given to translate for these purposes is very less. In that less time the translator has to provide a valuable outcome that fulfills the need of the organization. Hence both effectiveness and efficiency are required for such outcomes. Example if an MNC needs to display their advertisement in Arabic and the original content is in English then it’s the job of commerce translator to deliver the content in the Arabic language.

Fashion translation

Among all other translation, fashion translation is one of the most robust work. It requires full potential and knowledge about the fashion industry. Here, the translator has to know the culture and appropriate word for translating and giving it a fashion sense. The culture in Dubai may be somewhat different from other countries, and one has to keep in mind the perspective of translating.  The purpose of such translation is used in the brochure, fashion blogs, and other media, which is used to convey the fashion language and trends.

Technical translation

Many agencies use this word “A technical translation” which means that translation is done with the help of specialized keywords and it will require more time and more money. Whereas in reality, it’s just that certain kind of vocabularies is needed to perform such translations. You need not develop the research skills, and at the same, it is also essential to know the subject matter of the field where it is used. The format should be concise and correct. The methodology for writing the translated words should be as per the requirement.

Few of the examples of technical translation can be observed in the following:

  • Technical and scientific publications translation
  • Machine and device brochures translation
  • User manuals translation
  • Engineering specifications translation
  • Safety manuals translation
  • Technical manuals translation

Medical translation

Medical translation is one of the most risks involving activity as the stake of life of a person is depending on this translation. Dubai is considered as a country for expensive surgeries and advanced medical treatment.  But again language is a hindrance. People from outside the country may ask for the translation of reports and other medical documents for their reference.

To minimize the risk of wrong translation medical standards should be used for the translation. The professionals having the in-depth knowledge about the roots of medical are generally recruited for this purpose. The one who is familiar with theory as well as with the practical medical practice is given a preference. Few examples of medical translation are seen in the following documents;

  • Medical reports translation
  • Medical device agreements translation
  • Hospital instructions translation
  • Physician manuals translation
  • Medicine inserts translation
  • Medical device information translation
  • User guides and manuals translation

Media translation

Media translation is considered as a different translation in this country. The Arabic culture has its own identity and uniqueness. The purity of the culture is one of the value-adding elements. Under the umbrella of Media translation audiovisual, visual, screen and multimedia translation is also covered.  And it is governed by the culture and social obligations. The hindrance is of two culture and language. The translator has to keep in mind to quote or translate the exact words and most faithful one too.

The process of translation

The process of translation follows a series of the step which is essential for every organization.

It  includes,

  1. Processing of documents or file of clients.
  2. Analysis of the content.
  3. Framing and styling guidance.
  4. Allocation of work to teams.
  5. Verification of data and research.
  6. Proofreading of documents.
  7. Translation to required language.
  8. Review from client
  9. Quality check and assurance.
  10. Final submission of work.


The translation is an easy task but requires knowledge and practice. Emotions, culture, values, beliefs, sentiments are the need that audience seeks in, but a good translator should give priority to the correctness and conciseness. Rest everything is the value addition. Mainly talking about Arabic, the purity of language and its uniqueness has to be maintained.

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