Voice over services

Voice Over Services

It’s time to focus on building an expert image among the intended target group. To promote your business is simple. But, giving the appealing voice to your brand that in a flash sets up a deeper connection with the desired audience isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. This is the reason you should begin putting resources into voice-overs and influence your brand voice exceptionally useful. This is where Translation Khana comes into action. We offer you the best Voice over services alongside numerous other translation services.

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Kinds of TrendingVoice Over styles that We Offer

Corporate/Industrial : Item infomercials, Industrial videos, Promotional videos, Product marketing, training programs, and so on.

  • Animation :Kids’ books, Videos and Video games, Toys talk or Cartoons, Anime, Animation series, and so forth.
  • Commercial : Promos, TV, Radio, Jingles, Ad Campaigns, Internet Broadcast, PSA, Infomercials and many other in the list.
  • Telephonic : Commercial telephone greetings, and telephone voice recordings, corporate voice message system, interactive voice response, voicemail greetings, and substantially more.
  • Narration: Radio, Television creation, Filmmaking, Theater, Audiobooks, Technical Medical narration, Virtual Home visits or different presentations.
  • Entertainment : Movies, Music, TV, Animation and Cartoons series, Animated movies, Video games.
  • Education : E-learning modules, Educational video, Tutorials, Online courses, Educational Audiobook, and so on.
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    Our legal translator will caution you to these issues and potential clashes to enable you to make the most sensible and compelling business choices.

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    Advantages of Outsourcing Voice Over Services to Us

    We Include In Business Translation

    At Translation Khana, we have the right talent and expertise on board that gives an expert tone or voice to your recordings and lifts your brand exposure. Given are essential benefits to connect with us –

    • Data Privacy

    While you are with us, you can be rest guaranteed that the whole information will be kept secret. Neither the content in your source language or that in the objective dialect will be leaked out to an outsider.

    • Quality Control Systems

    We follow the quality principles very high. At each progression of the voice-over process, we watch out for the quality parameters, style, language and manner of speaking. This is the reason we take after a stringent procedure that urges us to convey quality help for any of your small or mass necessities.

    • Faster TAT

    This is another advantage that you may get if you associate with us. Right from the time you assign your project to our team, our group begins chipping away at the same and finishes it within the minimum conceivable time span. Independent of the project size, we keep the turnaround time as short as could reasonably be expected.

    • Culturally Relevant

    This advantage is mainly for those, who focus on non-native audience. This is critical because each particular country has its way of speaking. The style, tone, and language ought to be according to the linguistic and social components of the intended interest group. Remembering this, our group utilizes the correct sound for your videos.

    If you have a few questions, get in touch with Translation Khana at translationkhana@gmail.com  immediately, and we’ll demonstrate to you the right method to international achievement!!

    We Include In Business Translation

    Our expert business translation covers an extensive array of document types, including:

    • Annual reports
    • Income statement
    • Balance sheets
    • Business designs
    • Prospectuses
    • Insurance documents
    • Marketing materials
    • Public and private offerings
    • Ad campaigns
    • Corporate sites
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    Our legal translator will caution you to these issues and potential clashes to enable you to make the most sensible and compelling business choices.