We have always considered ourselves as language solutions providers focused on providing quality output. Our dream is to achieve an inclusive atmosphere where entities & individuals can converse by breaking the language barriers. Various companies have gained from our professional document translation services.


We believe in nurturing a safe environment where language is inspected & used as a science laboratory & has been brought in to use like no one has ever imagined. We aim to bring better than the best quality in our output that each of our clients will feel satisfied & happy with us. The most amazing aspect of chasing our vision is that the entire team associated with us is sharing a similar passion which brings us in a very comfortable position to accomplish what we desire.


We aim to bring the Middle East in close proximity to the world to make the trade & business smoother. Arab translation experts also have a very high level of proficiency in many other languages hence this dream is quite achievable indeed.


We ensure very strict quality standards for us hence our entire operation is based on superior work ethics & stringent processes. These processes are enabling us to stay ahead in the game as we have the utmost human involvement in conducting any language related task.

By avoiding computer-aided tools to process projects undertaken by us we achieve almost 100% success rate in client approval almost in one go. As by using human intellect to understand & decode the sense of any language we achieve greater depth in our content quality.


Professional ethics have a significant role in our professional culture. These ethics always keep us motivated to honor timelines for each undertaken project & fulfill client expectation.


We have won awards for being an exceptional service provider in many domains. These symbols of appreciations have always encouraged us to achieve more.


Translation Khana has been an award-winning world-class translation agency, as well as an internationally renowned leader in multilingual communication solutions. Our skill, integrity and innovative spirit generate superior results by enabling our clients to communicate internationally, using language their audiences comprehend. Furthermore, we go to great lengths to offer our employees with the sort of collaborative as well as stimulating a working environment that promotes growth, embrace change, and celebrate an accomplishment.

By helping our customers to communicate with their audience globally by using a language they understand, we play a significant role in the marketplace, and we pride ourselves at being the best at what we do.

We define our purpose & aim something like this:


Constantly creating an atmosphere in which employees respect each other, and continue to work through collaboration and sharing, hence creating harmony in the workplace.


Constantly creating the opportunity for having fun at work and to give a balanced quality of life, in which employees are motivated to help and support each other.


We strive to make a demarcation in the world. Success in our corporate and individual goals generates prosperity, which we can share with our stakeholders, our people, and our clients; all while supporting organizations that lend a hand to others.